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Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa

Moratuwa 10400, Sri Lanka

Tel:  +94-112-650301 ext 3309  +94-717-439389 (mobile)

Fax: +94-11-2650622 Email: rohan @,  rohanmunlk @


Research Areas:


1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Small and medium sized (<12kg) fixed wing airframes, Different types of multi-copters, Copter fixed-wing hybrid drones, Autonomous and optimum flying qualities of UAVs, Drone applications in aerial surveying, package delivery, and precision agriculture.


2. Adaptive Traffic Control: Deployment of cameras, image processing using deep neural networks, identification of vehicle types path and speed, and control signal timing adaptively with synchronization with the nearby junctions.


3. Human-Elephant Conflict: (1). NBIoT Radio collar development for elephant tracking to figure out the new elepgant corridors after being disturbed by the human encroachment and developent projects. (2) Detection of infrasonic seismic signals of the elephant rumbles, to localize wild elephants using a network of such sensors, and  to communicate the presence and arrival of elephants close to human habitats and walkways.


4. Underwater Robotics: Unmanned underwater vehicle systems, conrtol systems for underwater vehicles, Underwater localization and mapping, Algorithms for colecive operations of underwtare vehicle systems, Water quality measurements and underwater inspection.


5. Robot Manipulators: Trajectory planning for industrial arms, Fusion of force and vision feedback, Use of AI in robot manipulation.







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