Research Grants

No (Year) Project Title Donor Agency
16 (2020) NBIoT elephant tracking collar Mahaveli Authoritty
15 (2020) Aerial monitoring of tea plantation Dialog PLC and Hayleys
14 (2019) Quad-Plane hybrif drone for long endurance aerial applications World Bank - AHEAD Grant
13 (2019) Adaptive traffic control using deep neual networks World Bank - AHEAD Grant
12 (2017) Vision based traffic sensing Innovation Quotient (Pvt) Ltd.
11 (2017) Underwater robot Senate Research Council (SRC)
10 (2015) Disaster management drone United Nationa Development Programme (UNDP)
  9 (2014) Hierarchical quadrotor Senate Research Commitee, University of Moratuwa
  8 (2014) Hybrid UAV with quadrotor and fixed-wings National Research Council (NRC)
  7 (2012) Satellite elephant collar Smithsonian institute / Centre for Conservation
  6 (2011) Demining robot National Engineering Research and Development Centre (NERDC)
  5 (2010) Elephant fence Department of Wildlife Conservation
  4 (2008) Smart wheelchair Sri Lanka Inventors Commission
  3 (2007) Autonomous power tiller for ploughing National Science Foundation (NSF)
  2 (2007) UAV ground control station dvelopment Centre for Research abd Development
  1 (2007) Holonomic mobile platform Senate Research Commitee (SRC)




















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